Upholding high-quality baking and healthy ingredients, Julian’s selects seasonal fruits and vegetables to make cakes and bread. Every bite brings a taste of happiness. Special products are also provided for festivals to satisfy your needs of gifts or personal taste.


European bread/cake/souvenir



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  • Le Canelé (hot sale)

    Le Canelé (hot sale)

    It is classic French dessert, with the small and delicate shape of red wine cork. With stuffing made from protein and milk, Le Canele has slightly brown crusts, bringing a crispy and tender texture. Several flavors are provided.

  • Milk and Red Bean Toast

    Milk and Red Bean Toast

    With sweet and refreshing red beans covering on the toast, the toast brings chewy and solid texture with light creamy savor.

  • Grapefruit Tart with Honey

    Grapefruit Tart with Honey

    With honey cream stuffing piled on the fresh grapefruit, the sponge cake topped with grapefruit mousse has a sour and sweet taste. The multiple-layered texture presents elegant romance of French dessert.

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